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Covenant Presbyterian

Our History

Covenant was started in 1960 when a group of people in northeast Jackson began to meet in various homes.  Led by the Holy Spirit, the group discussed organizing a Presbyterian church in their neighborhood. They continued to meet in homes, and then at the Mississippi School for the Blind, and later at Belhaven College. On March 23, 1960, a small group met and petitioned the Board of Church Extension to make a survey and determine the advisability of forming a church.  A favorable report was returned.

On July 27, 1960, the Central Mississippi Presbytery unanimously accepted the petition for a church. On August 3, 1960, a corporate charter was secured. On September 11, 1960, a commission from the Central Mississippi Presbytery organized Covenant in a Sunday afternoon service at the School for the Blind. The first morning service was held October 2, 1960, and Elders and Deacons were ordained and installed on October 16, 1960.  There were 75 charter members.

The building site, consisting of 4.3 acres, was purchased on August 29, 1960, at the present location of 4000 Ridgewood Road. After adequate funds were raised, construction of the new church building began. The two-story edifice consisted of a sanctuary, spire, and west wing. The groundbreaking was held in 1963, and the complete structure was dedicated in 1965, just five years after the initial group met.

The first structure on the property, a Boy Scout hut, has served the troop sponsored by Covenant. To better serve its youth, the church was given a nearby home and moved it to the property to become the Youth House. Through the years, Covenant has expanded its youth and children's programs, established a preschool, and, until recently, a School for the Arts.  Directors for each program have served on staff.  In 1991, with prayer - and funds and pledges in hand - the church completed construction of a new south wing to accommodate its growth.

Since its inception, Covenant Presbyterian Church has grown and served its neighborhood, drawing members from neighboring communities. Covenant has supported and commissioned missionaries that serve full-time and part-time, near and far, including groups of members that travel to Honduras, Kenya, and Austria.