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Covenant Presbyterian

The Lord's Supper

Covenant celebrates the Lord's Supper, also known as Communion, every Sunday. 

The Westminster Confession describes the Lord's Supper in the following manner:

"...a perpetual remembrance of [Jesus's] sacrifice in death and as a seal of all the benefits of  the sacrifice for true believers. It also signifies the spiritual nourishment and growth of believers in Jesus and their additional commitment to perform all the duties they owe him. Finally it is a bond and pledge of believers' communion with Jesus and with each other as members of his mystical body (WCF 29.1)."

In this meal, followers of Jesus are sealed in the benefits of grace given us through our crucified and resurrected Savior. In addition, we are spiritually fed and nourished.

Who may partake of this sacrament?

All who have been baptized and claim Jesus as Lord and Savior may partake of this sacrament. 

If that is not you, please know that we are glad to have you present with us in worship, but we ask that you do not participate in the sacrament. Rather than saying something insincere at the table, we hope that you would use the time to quietly contemplate the claims of Christ. Without faith, the meal at this table is not a blessing. 

Children ought to have their faith examined before being brought to the table. 

Our Practice of Administering the Sacrament

You will be invited by the pastor to come down the center aisle. Two tables are located at the front, one on each side. Head toward the table on the side you were sitting and one of our elders will place bread in your hand. Alternatively, you may pick up gluten free bread yourself from the table. An additional elder will offer you red wine or white grape juice. Simply take these elements back to your seat using the outer aisles and hold on to them until everyone has been served so that we can commune together.

If you're unable to come forward but wish to participate, please let one of our deacons know. They will be standing toward the back and on the lookout so simply raise your hand to get their attention. After everyone in the line has been served, our elders will bring the elements to you. 

If you are with someone unable to come forward, you can be served with them at the time the elements are brought to them, or you can take additional elements back for them. Just let our elders know that you'd like two of each element.