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Koinonia Dinners at Covenant

Do not miss the opportunity for Christian fellowship and to get to know your church family in this fun and relaxing time together!

What are Koinonia Dinners?
Koinonia Dinners is a supper club group that will meet once a month to share a casual meal together. Even though we call them “dinners,” participants can include lunches as well.

How do I join a group?
Fill out and turn in this information sheet by Friday, September 1; groups will be organized by the Congregational Care Committee and Koinonia leaders.

What if I do not cook (or do not want to cook)?
Do not worry! When your group organizes itself, you will divide months so that everyone can host. On your month, you get to choose the place and the type of meal. It is perfectly okay to meet in a restaurant and enjoy your time together, or make it pot-luck, or order out and eat in! You are limited only by your imagination!

Is it just for couples?
No! Singles and couples are welcome. But for couples, be sure to put BOTH names below.

What if I do not know everyone in my group?
Well, that is the point, to get to know people you do not, and to know better those that you do. It really is fun. Ask someone who has done Koinonia before.

How do I get started?
Each Koinonia group will have an initial team leader. The leader will notify those in their group and schedule the kick-off dinner at their date/time/location of choosing. At the initial dinner, the groups will determine a schedule for future dinners and who will be responsible for organizing and having the dinner.

Final groups will be formed once all Koinonia forms have been turned in. Our goal is to have the initial dinners commence during the month of September.

Koinonia Dinner Groups

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